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The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs ~ Contribution by Yarrow

Yarrow is a contributing author to The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs: Real-life Stories of Determination, Growth & Prosperity

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Loss, Grief & Healing

Grief, Loss, and Healing is a collaboration of experiences and wisdom offered to comfort you in your grief and loss. Grief arises from any loss - the loss of a marriage, job, pet, loved one, or dream. Eighteen authors impart personal stories that span the journey from the pain of loss through the dark days of grief to the grace of healing. Loss is inevitable. Grief is natural. Healing is gradual.

Yarrow's chapter , "Life is a Piece of Cake Compared to the Worst Day of My Life," recounts the grieving process she experienced s a result of the need to commit her child to an institution. Each person's experience of grief and loss is unique. Grief comes in waves, sometimes gentle, sometimes overwhelming to the point of drowning in emotion. Yarrow's message is that where ever you are in your grief, honor your process and you will find the balance between what was, what is and what can be.

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