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Do you and your team need a boost of motivation? Does it feel like something or someone is “stuck” and non-productive? Do you need an infusion of creativity and willingness that will change what is not working?

Regardless if you are an entrepreneur or corporate professional, here at Conscious Toolbox our philosophy is to empower business professionals and entrepreneurs to bring their unique and conscious values to the workplace. The goal is to create a productive, meaningful environment for everyone. We offer numerous programs specific to the challenges of running a successful business at whatever size your annual budget.

To serve and respect the uniqueness of individuals, a variety of programs, modalities and delivery styles are used. We address the whole individual and entire team at differing levels of participation. From executives to inspired leaders to the team of administrative support staff, we strive to help you create an environment where each individual performs as an integral component in the shared outcome.

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Why do you need consciousness in the workplace? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Reduce stress one employee at a time ( by implying that each person has permission & can gain strategies on ways to mind only their own business);
  2. Increase compassion to better understand the situations of others (listen with an open heard and fresh mind);
  3. Embrace diversity with a “human being” spirit (by respecting the real needs of and what is important to others);
  4. Create a heart-centered environment where people feel a sense of emotional safety (seek to understand before being understood);
  5. Produce a harmonious workplace where the true nature of people can flourish (by focusing on what you want to experience in the workplace and “be” that yourself.)

How We Work With You

You identify the problem, bring it to us and we create an appropriate solution to help you conquer the beast that is making your life miserable. In addition to group training, discreet consulting is available to individual employees. Programs are delivered in a non-threatening, tactful manner with built-in procedures to encourage a sense of safety and respect.

Our programs are uniquely delivered with inspiration, awareness and a penchant for fun.

Our Conscious Business and Workplace Programs

Listed here are a few examples of Workshops/Seminars/Team Building programs that we offer for corporate wellness training, break-out sessions, kids-to-work day, seminars or workshops, etc:

Master Your Energy©

This insightful program shifts group dynamics using personal worksheets that provide complete anonymity for each individual.  Participants only share what they choose to make public, providing a safe environment to explore their personal world-views, paradigms of thinking and where and how they use their personal energy.

Through the Energy Money Game© participants experience fun, relaxation and self-renewal, with a vigorous proportion of staff interaction.  The bottom line goal is increased productivity, less stress and happier employees.

Delivered in a full-day retreat or seminar, the Master Your Energy© system has proven outcomes that include the awareness that most challenges, frustrations and resentments begin within the employee’s own thinking.

To discuss your needs, challenges and customized solutions, please...

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Reduce Stress by Knowing Less ~ Workplace Survival Strategies©

This program guides individuals through a step-by-step process to identify what are their stressors, develop a personal plan to remove them and create practical techniques to avoid being caught in the “stress” net in the future.

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Wag the Dog Yourself – Lead the Pack by Using Your Innate Talents & Life Experiences©

A motivational program to boost confidence and morale within the individual and whole team, providing solid, practical techniques to implement immediately. This program offers a unique, fresh approach to the concept of being in charge of yourself and not living by the expectations of co-workers or other people.

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IS Fac^tor Formula”©– How to Make a Difference in Any Situation!

This program supports a paradigm shift in individual thinking with the outcome focused on a happier, more productive individual. Based on Yarrow’s book the “IS Fac^tor” ~ A Conscious Strategy to Achieving Your Bottom Line© , individuals learn techniques to make a difference in any situation without compromising their values.

Yarrow is seen here presenting her “IS Fac^tor” to a national foundation.

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90 Minute Marathon to a Chaos-Clear Office or Cubicle©

Studies show that productivity is affected by the manner in which an individual keeps their workplace. Conquering the clutter monster requires understanding the underlying causes that proliferate chaos, developing a person-specific plan and necessitates persistence.

Happiness (both in the workplace and in overall life) and a feeling of personal worth have a huge impact on productivity, sick leave and total wellness.

This program addresses the clutter issue with sensitivity and real benefits.

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Become the Expert That You Are ~ Boost Your Brand & Your Bank Account! ©

Take what you have that is unique to you and turn it into a marketable sales pitch. You are likely already an expert in your field, why not benefit from that position? This program assists you in identifying your unique talents and developing a plan with action steps to create your new “expert status.”

This program benefits entrepreneurs, wanna be’s and other individuals who are seeking ways to re-invent themselves.

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