The Is Fac^tor ~ Yarrow

Do you often feel that you are insignificant and can’t change anything?  That challenges in business are so big that progress can’t be made?  Do you find that people don’t tell the truth, they withhold information and even provide wrong facts and information deliberately? … Leaving you frustrated!

Well, that has been my experience sometimes too, so I developed the “IS Fac^tor ~ A Conscious Strategy to Achieving Your Bottom Line.”

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Life's a Piece of Cake ~ Yarrow

Life’s a Piece of Cake Compared to the Worst Day of My Life is one mother’s story of loss, grief and healing as experienced during a situation that pushed beyond her wit’s end. If you have ever experienced the desperation of a situation spiraling out of your control or know someone who has, you will find this story compelling, heartening and hopeful.

Definitely a conversation for everyone.

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Packing for the Entrepreneurial Journey ~ by Yarrow

Do you want to take your business straight to the top? Are you looking for that elusive ingredient to position you on the pinnacle of life’s ladder? And, is your goal to achieve more with less effort? Right! Then read on. You are about to embark on a journey unsurpassed by no other. Oh, by the way, let me applaud you right now for your courage as you prepare to unglue your feet, conquer your fear and move forward into all that you can be!

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