Fast * Rewarding * Life-Changing

Re-Invent Yourself Now

by Yarrow!

Changing times.   Challenging, disconcerting and filled with disillusionment …if you are there, read on!

Daily the news media remind of us of despair, poverty and an economy that nears that of the Great Depression.

We are exposed to the world’s problems every second of the day.   Is this making you depressed?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Struggling to stay positive?

Really, I want you to be happy and have a joyful, successful life!  That’s why I make this Personal Energy Coaching program available online and thru telecoaching.

Many people are experiencing a high level of stress over the state of the world.  Is this you?

There are ways we can rise above all this.  Personal Energy Coaching can help!

Before we get into that, however, let me ask you a few questions as to why you stopped by.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

Perhaps you thought you could handle anything that came your way……you are strong….have high energy….and a determination to live life to the fullest.  Right?

But then…somehow…it all fell apart!  

Well, my Personal Energy Coaching Program © (PEC) may be just the remedy you need to get your life back!

Before I tell you how the PEC program works, I want to applaud you for taking time to improve your life

My Personal Energy Coaching© is different from other coaching!  It is UNIQUE!  


  1. We move forward; not re-hash the past.
  2. We work with your energy.
  3. We create personalized systems with you that you can implement immediately.

So…I promised to tell you the WIIFM factor? Here’s what others are saying is in it for you……

Personal Energy Coaching with Yarrow did wonders to help me realize all the energy drainers that can deplete your energy and not allow you to live up to your full potential.  With Yarrow's help, I feel more confident, have a game plan to put new ideas in place and move on in areas I had been stuck for years!!!  Give it a try!  You will be amazed!
~ Iva F.


Yarrow’s Personal Energy Coaching Program “allows me to think about my inner self & how it can tie into my business. The program helped me be more cognizant of my thought process and how it may work for or against me.”
~ Faye H

Maybe you have done it before, maybe not…whichever is the case…getting help with life’s problems is definitely a smart choice!

Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is said to be the definition of insanity.

STOP!  Think about how you are living and what you are doing.  Is this how you want to live?  Ask yourself…

Does your life work the way you want it to?



upsetting issues keep rearing their ugly heads?

people always want more of your time?

some people just keep sapping your energy?

life is stressful?

you feel like everything is out of control?

These are very common situations AND we can fix each of them! 

I’m Ready. Sign me Up NOW!

Price is $650 NOW $575

includes 5, 1-hour  teleclasses; strategy worksheets and coaching. PLUS the BONUS of 1- 15 minute follow up coaching telecoaching session.

But, first I need your COMMITMENT.  There are some very significant things you must do so the PEC Program brings success to your life.

You may be asking yourself right now, “So, How does this Personal Energy Coaching program work?”

Here’s what you can expect for your investment:

But, I need to know that you are serious about this program.  Many people are and they NEED my time because they ARE READY to change their life.  ARE YOU READY?

I ask again, Are you READY  to make changes in your life???

Is your INTENTION to change what is not working for you?

Are you committed to COMPLETING the PEC Program?

OK!  If you agree, it sounds like you are serious about changing your life!  

I want to change my life NOW.  Sign me up!

Now, let me get back to telling you WHY your INVESTMENT will work for you!

I have been using this Personal Energy Coaching Program  helping people for over 6 years -- many different people who wanted to change their lives

Here are some of their comments:

If you are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of yourself?  And, you want to fix that NOW!

Here’s how!

For a small INVESTMENT in yourself, you CAN change your life and have all this...and more! 

I’m ready.  Sign me up!

$650 NOW $575

Are you still not convinced of the many ways this UNIQUE Personal Energy Coaching© Program will help you?  Okay, here’s the run-down of how this works!  You get:

Now that you know WHAT your INVESTMENT gets you, I invite you to review the reasons why you are searching for help to change your life.  Is it because you want to:

STOP that old feeling of “sick and tired of being sick and tired!”  Change your life today and start living the life you desire!  You can:

Don’t procrastinate any longer.  Change your life NOW!  Use your courage and determination to INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW! 


Great!   Now that you are signed up.  Let’s get started! 

I will contact you to arrange a convenient time for your telecoaching sessions to begin! 

Congratulations!  You life has already begun to change.

P. S.  Your friends will be amazed!  They’ll want to change
          their lives too.

P.S.S.  Remember to remind me about YOUR BONUS!

One 15-minute follow-up telecoaching session to
keep you on track!