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If you’re READY to take control of your financial future by zapping your energy vampires and through learning to Master Your Energy & Reclaim Your Freedom©, I am here to be your Personal Guide, Coach and Mentor in helping you achieve your Financial Dreams.  Your Success is my Success!

All my online courses are designed to help you break free of the obstacles that keep you stuck in life and trapped in the “money grind.”

Master Your Energy & Reclaim Your Freedom© $197 ~ Understanding where you use your energy each day is central to how you deal with challenges, how you celebrate your accomplishments and what you think of yourself at the end of the day.   As you play her Energy Game©, Yarrow  helps you identify your energy drains, analyze their origin and create specific personal solutions to zap them.  When you learn to be the master of your energy,  you are poised to have more happiness, less stress and increased productivity…all qualities that contribute to your success and  financial freedom across all aspects of your life – personal, business and career. ...More

Change Your World View, Change Your Life & Bank Account $197 ~ Do you often think that it must be “you” because your life doesn’t look like you want it to look and people aren’t doing what you want them to do?  And, your bank account doesn’t match your idea of freedom?  Using a world-view outlook, Yarrow takes you through your current thinking, helps you identify what’s working and what is not working for you and teaches you how to shift your life using her Personal Paradigm Plan©.  This course is based on Yarrow’s chapter in The Spirit of Women Entrepreneur’s. ...More

Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur? $197 ~ Getting ready to be an entrepreneur is a daunting process.  Playing small though does not help anyone.  Through a self-analysis method, Yarrow teaches you specific ways to identify your innate talents and skills and how to best bring them to the business world and to leverage them for your financial success.  Yarrow guides you to review your current thought process and helps you create a contemporary paradigm of thinking.  ...More

Become the Expert That You Are! $197 ~ You are only as accomplished as you tell people that you are!   And, that you convince yourself that you are….And, as you appear to others!  Yarrow will teach you how to “raise your ante” on yourself, to toot your own horn and feel comfortable doing it!  Learn valuable marketing techniques, proven processes and simple secrets to get noticed.  Create an image integrity, capability & realiability. Learn how to brand yourself, be credible and boost your bank account. ...More

The Reflecting Pool ~ What Is the Impact of Your Workspace on Your Success? $197 ~ Does the sight of your office and desk launch your inner critic into a barrage of negative self-talk?  Starting your day overwhelmed sets you up for frustration, stress and a sense of failure.  Using a unique analysis process, Yarrow teaches you to understand how chaos and clutter in your workspace sabotages your success.  In this course, you come away with an action plan to conquer the clutter monster that undermines your personal and financial success and a maintenance plan to keep it under control.  Note:  techniques are transferrable to your living space. ...More

Coach Yourself to a Better You $197 ~ Being aware of what is working in your life and what is not is the first tool to creating a different life for yourself.  Using a unique application of S.W.O.T (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), Yarrow guides you through viewing yourself from different perspectives.  Expanding on your good skills and changing patterns that sabotage your success, you will learn strategies to awaken yourself to what reasons are driving your decisions, responses and actions.  You will create easily-accessible reminder tools you can utilize continually.  Growth and success begins with yourself!  Once you get this, you can soar to your highest potential in any area of your life! ...More