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Is the “who am I now” question rolling around in your head? Are you seeking more out of life? Perhaps a new passion, a different career or a life-changing adventure is your vision of happiness. Getting started and finding your “true north”, however, can be challenging.

Our passion here at Conscious Toolbox, is to help you create the life you desire by investing in yourself. Like a work of art, your personal development is never complete. Your soul is ever-seeking new experiences from which to learn life lessons.

“Yarrow taught me about focusing on my ‘inner energy’ that is necessary to get my business started. She provided direction. The first steps for me are removing clutter and chaos and learning to pay attention and listen.”
~ Estee M-

The good news is that you are only responsible for your life, your soul and the pace at which you want to develop. Really, it’s all about you! Is it time to re-invent yourself?

We have many tools to support you in your personal development and to help raise your consciousness for any stage of re-invention in which you may find yourself. From careers to relationships to prosperity, you are the designer of your life. Are you a:

  • baby boomer seeking a passion for this chapter of life that rocks your boat;
  • parent seeking a new sense of self;
  • spouse with an urge to ignite your relationship;
  • friend burning with the desire to have more meaning in your friendships;
  • employee who wants to show up everyday with a commitment to the cause;
  • individual with an urge to live your life with a clearer intention .

Wherever you are in your life, we are here to support you! Look in our toolbox to see what tools can best serve you right now. Let us help you “be” what you want to see and have in your life. If you can think it, you will see it! Here are several ways to get your “thinking” aligned with your desire:

Yarrow’s Personal Energy Coaching Program “allows me to think about my inner self & how it can tie into my business. The program helped me be more cognizant of my thought process and how it may work for or against me.”
~ Faye H

Personal Energy Coaching© (PEC)

Our Personal Energy Coaching Program© will support the re-engineering of your thinking, help you evaluate your current way of being (and doing business) and provide tools to change paradigms that are not serving your best interests. The intentional outcome is for your life and your business to be meaningful, purposeful and profitable.

You can access Personal Energy Coaching© through telecoaching, teleseminars, downloadable ebooks, home study courses and virtual or on-site individual coaching. Using your personal energy effectively is critical to success in life and business.

Let Yarrow explain how Personal Energy Coaching© can help you.  Listen here & get your FR**EE Bonus now…

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“Yarrow was a very big help to find where my energy zappers are and what I need to do to become a successful entrepreneur.”
~ Raquel B-F.

Our Personal Energy Toolbox© (PET) is designed to:

  • increase awareness of your thinking i.e. positive/negative/limiting/ non- beneficial;
  • support self-assessment of your unique skills and talents for implementation in your personal and business life;
  • promote identification and avoidance of people and situations that steal your energy;
  • generate a pool of automatic responses useful for timely retreat from potential energy drainers;
  • give rise to new paradigms of your thinking and behavior in business and life.
  • utilize essential, practical skills to consciously live the life you desire.


Want to know what’s in it for you?  In addition to three 15-minute telecoaching sessions, here is what you will get in our 12-chapter Personal Energy Toolbox© (PET) Program for you: 

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“Coaching with Yarrow allowed me to think and understand myself and why I do what I do and how to balance it all.”
~ Anonymous Client

Instant Access Ebooks will help you get started and take you to the next step:


Transforming Your World View ~ Strategies to Release You from Outdated Thinking,

Behaviors, Beliefs, Habits & Attitudes That Keep You Stuck ©2008


Master Your Energy Flow ~ Real Tools to Protect the Energy You Have & Get More ©2008

Become the Expert That You Are ~ Boost Your Brand & Your Bank Account ©2008

90-Minute Marathon to a Chaos-Clear,Clutter-Free You© 2008

Let me help you re-invent yourself. I am committed to your success and strive to work with your schedule and timeline!

Personal commitment statement:

Yarrow developed her Personal Energy Coaching© (PEC) program in 2001 after many requests from clients to teach them what she knows about energy and how they can improve their lives with this knowledge. Her program, “Manage Your Personal Energy,”© was born from this need and has helped empower hundreds of people.

In addition to personal one-on-one coaching, Yarrow provides life-long learning students with critical mindfulness tools they can apply to their personal and business lives. She imparts her diverse experience in a creative, upbeat fashion which is a synthesis of traditional best business practices and spiritual psychology. The outcome is a unique ability to produce a willingness and awareness within clients that support achievement of their personal life goals and business bottom line.

Personal Energy Coaching© (PEC) also has radical success with groups and at retreats.

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