Teleseminar Etiquette

Teleseminars are simple. All you need is a telephone with long distance capability. This user-friendly modality provides a convenient method to learn new information and to partake of an educational experience by communicating through a telephone from anywhere that can access a specific call-in telephone number.

As a teleseminar participant you have the opportunity to interact in the virtual classroom or stand-by and observe. Either way, as the information is relayed there is opportunity for conversation and to broaden your learning.

Etiquette in a teleseminar class is like any classroom:

  • arrive (call in) a few minutes before class to avoid interrupting others;
  • announce yourself;
  • be mindful of others;
  • mute your line if the call is not muted by the host;
  • save your questions(write them down) for the end of the call when you will be invited to ask them;
  • should your question be broader than the teleseminar subject, you may be asked to email your question to for further clarification.


for a teleseminar is simple. When you receive the teleseminar announcement:

  1. Simply register and pay for the date and time you desire. Class information will be emailed to you. You will receive the class call-in telephone number and access code, the class agenda and handouts.

  2. Remember to print or save the call-in information, class agenda and pertinent handouts prior to class and carry them with you to the location from which you will be calling. For multi-week teleseminars, the weekly agenda and handouts will be emailed to you prior to class, so watch your in-box for their delivery.

  3. On occasion, accompanying materials such as eBooks or books are recommended reading. It is to your benefit to purchase and read them prior to class.

  4. Please arrive to class early. Two minutes before the start of class is preferable.

  5. Should the call-in lines be busy, simply hang up and call again until you get through.

  6. Most teleseminars are recorded and downloadable following class for easy reference and review.

What Do You Need?

Here at Conscious Toolbox, we welcome your suggestions for teleseminars. Tell us what you need and want! We are interested in what challenges you would like help with and appreciate the opportunity to create meaningful solutions so you can begin to live the life you desire.

There are many conscious resources on this site, so surf around and read the personal development tools under “re-invent yourself” and the downloadables under “products”. They may lead you to your next level of learning.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact me directly at or 410.271.1377.

Meanwhile, check back often for new, exciting tools and resources that support your desire to live a conscious lifestyle, find a new passion and explore how to get the “more” out of life that you are seeking.

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